Clarity Mac offers a number of benefits to customers who want to run their business on the cloud. These services offer high availability, failover, and custom disaster recovery plans. Additionally, they provide IT assistance to Mac users who use the services. The Clarity Mac team has extensive experience working with Mac systems and can help you set up your network and secure your data. All of the services are hosted in state-of-the-art Canadian data centers.

Clarity’s servers are powerful enough to host even the largest websites. They process more than one petabyte of data every month, and they have no traffic limits. Additionally, Clarity’s advanced analytics tool lets you track site performance in real time. No matter how much data your website has, you won’t experience any problems with performance or load. You can use their free trial to determine whether Clarity is the right fit for your needs.


HostMyApple offers a powerful and cost-effective macOS cloud server without the need for expensive hardware. The service is available with dedicated IP address, SSD storage, and no data caps. It also offers full administrator access. You can host various websites, including WordPress and MySQL databases.

The company offers a dedicated macOS server and a macOS virtual server, as well as a number of other features. Its network uses Cisco 6500 switches to offer low latency and faster transfer rates. In addition, its backups are provided by UPS systems and generators. However, HostMyApple does not maintain its own data backups, and it suggests you use a third-party service for that. Additionally, the company’s servers can become unresponsive if you update files.

HostMyApple’s Mac cloud hosting is available in many plans. You can choose from shared, VPS, dedicated, and cloud hosting plans. The service also has a guarantee of 100% uptime. Its price range is also competitive. Whether you want a single website, a small portfolio, or a large business website, there’s a plan to suit your needs.


MacStadium cloud hosting services offer a number of benefits, including enterprise-grade security, enterprise-grade networking, and virtualization. It is also cheaper than a DIY solution. The company also offers expert engineers to help you choose the right solution for your needs. Its bare-metal servers are powered by the latest Apple silicon.

The MacPro is a powerful and scalable machine that was originally intended for the company’s professional user base. While a Gen 3 Mac Pro may not be the first choice of developers, this machine is great for creative work, video editing, 3D rendering, audio mixing, and more. MacStadium’s cloud computing services are built on this powerful machine.

MacStadium cloud hosting gives developers a reliable and scalable cloud environment to build and test their apps. They can use iOS simulators, browse with Safari, and submit apps to the App Store with ease. They can even leverage cloud-based virtualization to pool resources and dynamically provision virtual machines.

MacStadium’s cloud computing solutions are easy to use and scale as your needs increase. They also offer a variety of servers, including Intel-based Mac minis, Mac Pros, and more. You can even customize your cloud to your team’s needs. You can easily add more machines if you need to, which is great if you’re a growing company.

MacStadium cloud hosting services feature Teradici PCoIP technology and secure data centers, which enable smooth, low-latency display streams. This is ideal for GPU and CPU intensive workloads. Furthermore, MacStadium cloud servers are connected to secure data centers and use PCoIP technology to protect sensitive data from being sent outside their data centers. The PCoIP protocol transmits only encrypted pixels to the user’s display, which means that your data is safe.


Orka Workspace is a cloud-hosted macOS desktop-as-a-service platform that enables high-performance, secure desktop access from any location or device. It’s the first virtual desktop cloud solution for the macOS platform, and based on industry-leading Mac virtualization technology. The company says it offers safe, secure desktop access for businesses of all sizes.

In addition to the cloud-based service, Orka is designed to make building apps on Apple devices easier, such as iPhones and iPads. The platform uses Kubernetes-based tools and workflows to simplify the installation and management of apps. The platform also runs on genuine Apple hardware. This allows developers to focus on building their products, not on deploying their infrastructure.

Another significant difference between Orka and Anka is that Orka is built specifically for Macs. It supports both Intel-based Macs and Apple’s silicon-based Macs. This means that developers can create cloud environments with the power and flexibility of their existing infrastructure without wasting time and money on complex build infrastructure. The platform also offers native Kubernetes command line support. It is a great choice for developers wishing to build applications on an Apple platform.

The company also offers macOS cloud hosting through its MacStadium service. It’s a private cloud platform that offers private clouds with dedicated resources for macOS users. The company uses patented technology, proprietary configurations and expertise in Apple infrastructure to provide reliable, secure macOS cloud solutions to business customers worldwide. MacStadium is a portfolio company of Summit Partners and has expanded operations in Silicon Valley and Dublin.

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