If you’re tired of being a vampire in Skyrim, you can learn how to remove your vampire status in the game. While being a vampire is often annoying, it also has some interesting perks. Being a vampire also means that you can wear special enchanted jewelry to regenerate Magika, health, and Fatigue. Additionally, wearing a hood helps you move faster under sunlight.


If you’ve become a vampire, you might be wondering how to remove Falion from your vampire Skyrim game. Falion is a summoning circle that can be found outside of Morthal. However, you can only access Falion after you’ve become a vampire. To do this, you must join the Volkihar clan and complete the Sanguinare Vampiris quest. This quest is a repeatable one, and you must complete it before you can speak to Falion.

If you’ve already gotten your Black Soul Gem, you can return it to Falion to cure yourself. You can also use a Calm spell to make Falion non-hostile. The Black Soul Gem is a powerful resource that can be used to cure vampirism.

If you don’t have the Soul Gem, you can also give Falion a soul gem while you’re in the circle, between 4 am and 6 am in-game. Then, wait until Falion’s ritual is complete and you’re able to speak with him.

The cure to remove Falion from vampire Skyrim is extremely simple, but you have to follow the instructions carefully. First, you have to buy the Black Soul Gem. This can be obtained from several different places in the game, but it’s best to purchase the gem from a necromancer. You can fill this gem by using a Soul trap or killing a human with an enchanted weapon.

Once you have obtained this gem, you can use the Rising at Dawn quest to free yourself from vampirism. After you have completed the quest, Falion will heal you and return you to normal. To complete the quest, you must obtain a Black Soul Gem, which costs 168 gold. A Soul Trap can be used to fill the Black Soul Gem. If you have no Black Soul Gem, a bandit or witch will do.

If you are having trouble with this quest, you can consult an innkeeper. They may be able to provide you with rumors about vampires. However, you may have to ask several times before you receive the information you are looking for. However, once you learn enough about vampires, you can eventually learn where to find Falion.

Potion of cure disease

If you’re infected with vampirism, there are several ways to cure yourself. One way is by using a Potion of Cure Disease. These potions can be purchased in potion shops around Skyrim or crafted using alchemy. The good news is that a Cure Disease potions can be re-used an unlimited amount of times.

This potion works as advertised, curing all the diseases it targets. In the case of vampires, a single potion will cure a Sanguinare Vampiris in three days. The other method is by eating Hawk Feathers. You can also get them from members of the Silver Hand.

Another way to cure your vampirism is to pray to Falion, a thaumaturge in Morthal. To do this, you need a Black Soul Gem filled with the proper energy. However, this method doesn’t work well with Stage 4 vampirism.

Alternatively, you can also use console commands. These commands will cure your disease. These include the showracemenu and changesex commands. Additionally, you can also pray to shrines to cure your vampirism. These methods will work for you if you accidentally became a Vampire.

If you’ve already been infected by Vampirism, the best cure for this disease is to seek out the services of a Redguard Mage called Falion. Falion used to be the head of Conjuration at the College of Winterhold. But for some reason, he left the school. You can find him in Morthal, near the water.

Vampirism is a serious disease in Skyrim. It will turn your character into a vampire if left untreated. But you can cure this disease through the Companion quest line and the Temple of Mara. If you do not want to be a vampire, you can also change into a Werewolf. However, this method does have a few disadvantages.

While Vampirism is an important disease in Skyrim, you can also cure your character by becoming a werewolf. This method will remove your vampiric power, but it will not remove your weaknesses or immunity to fire. Once you’ve cured the disease, your character will be completely free of the disease and will be able to move on with your life.

Trapping a human soul in a Black Soul Gem

Trapping a human soul in a black Soul Gem in Skyrim is a powerful technique that enables you to trap the soul of a human opponent. The Soul Trap is a magical spell that must be enchanted with a weapon to work. It is important to know that the Soul Gem must be empty in order to be effective, and any soul that is trapped in it will lose its soul upon death. However, this spell is still extremely effective, and enchanting a bow with Soul Trap will help you to perform this feat. Once the trap has been activated, the arrows will continue to reapply the Soul Trap spell to the target, and a killing blow will instantly capture their soul. When a soul is captured, it is not possible to reanimate the target, and spells like

Trapping a human soul in a black soul gem is an uncommon technique in Skyrim, and it is considered unethical by many. While the College of Winterhold is lenient towards Necromancy, it does not consider soul trapping to be a legitimate practice. In fact, it is even illegal in many Holds in Skyrim. In order to get the soul of a humanoid, you will need to bring a black soul gem filled with that person to Falion in Morthal and speak to him.

Black Soul Gems are special soul gems that can hold black or white souls. As the name suggests, black soul gems are the souls of sentient humanoids, while white souls belong to sentient non-humans. A good way to learn more about this specialized gem is to craft it at Atronach Forge, which accepts black soul stones in crafting.

Black Soul Gems can be found in many locations throughout the game. They are found on various monsters, and you can also purchase them from the Falion in Morthal. You can also find them in several locations in Skyrim, including Broken Fang Cave and the vault at Cracked Tusk Keep. You can also find one in the bottom of a pond at Steepfall Burrow.

Trapping a human soul in a black Soul Gem is very easy, and requires no other equipment. It’s important to keep in mind that soul gems are limited to one use and can’t be reused after activating the Lightning Attractor twice.

Feeding on a sleeping NPC

Vampires can feed on sleeping humanoids and NPCs. In order to do this, a player must choose the option ‘feed’ before approaching the victim and crouching down over the person they wish to feed. When a vampire feeds on a sleeping NPC, a message about its receding powers will appear on the target’s screen. A vampire can feed on the same person multiple times during the same night, but this does not kill them. Despite this, the incessant interaction with the target will increase the likelihood of the person awakening.

Fortunately, there are several ways to remove vampire feeding in Skyrim. Firstly, you must know that vampires are affected by sunlight. Exposure to sunlight can kill them, and they also have an undying thirst for blood. This means that it’s vital that you know how to remove vampire feeding on a sleeping NCP in Skyrim.

In Skyrim, the easiest way to get a vampire to feed on a sleeping NPC is to pickpocket him while he’s asleep. Secondly, you can use the Vampire’s Seduction ability to feed non-playable characters. However, be aware that this is a highly discouraged method, and you should seek out other methods.

One of the best ways to remove vampirism is to get a proper cure. It takes three days to acquire the disease in Skyrim, and it progresses through four stages. The infection will take place after three days, and feeding will merely postpone the progression of the disease. If you are using a stealth build, feeding should not be a problem, but curing vampirism can be a more difficult task.

There are many ways to remove the virus from a person. The most effective method is to use a potion of Vampiric Drain. This potion will remain usable after vampirism is removed from your character. Another option is to charge the Skull of Corruption. This method will have an effect on the vampire’s vulnerability to fire.

The better vampire mod improves the gameplay of vampires in Skyrim. This mod adds new gameplay elements and customisation options to the vampires. It also increases the ways a vampire can feed on NPCs. It also gives players the option to turn an NPC into a vampire.

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