Learning how to make an RPG maker game starts with a simple idea. Start brainstorming your characters, story, and setting. This is where your imagination will come in handy. Now you have a starting point for your game. In this article, we’ll go over how to make an RPG maker game from a storyboard to a finished product. The next part of this guide will discuss the characters and script.

Steps in creating an RPG maker game

If you’ve ever dreamed of creating an RPG, you’ve probably heard of the game creator called RPG Maker. This software can help you create your own RPG game with many different features. Here are the steps to get you started. Step One: Brainstorm ideas for your RPG game. Brainstorming can be an excellent way to come up with a story and characters. Also, use your imagination to come up with a setting.

Step Two: Add the required gameplay mechanics. A basic game should feature basic resolution mechanics. These mechanics determine how your player character interacts with other players, how you resolve conflicts, and how your story advances. You can add in more game incentives, such as character customisation and achievements, or remove them altogether. Once you have chosen the basic gameplay mechanics, you can add additional features, such as level blueprints or cinematics, as needed.

Step Three: Plan Out Your Game

Make the story interesting. RPGs that are linear and uninteresting will not keep players interested. However, there are ways to keep players entertained and interested. In addition to a storyline, you can add side quests, such as killing monsters or completing special dungeons. This is optional, but recommended. Just make sure you have enough content to make your players satisfied. Then, move on to the next step: adding a world and characters.

Finally, you’ll need to create a database to store the game’s assets. This is a major part of game development, and the more you know about it, the better your game will be. RPG Maker VX Ace is a perfect beginner’s guide, because it walks you through each step. The book also includes exercises, tutorials, and planning before you begin creating your game. You can even choose from a variety of templates and use different tools to make your game.


There are many ways to make character models for your RPG maker game, but choosing a good one is one of the most important aspects of making a game. The tools included in this software can help you create an excellent RPG character. However, if you don’t know much about character modeling, you might be disappointed by the results. This article will provide you with some helpful tips and tricks to help you create the best looking RPG characters.

One of the best ways to create high quality character models for your game is to use an RPG maker character generator. The generator will create a character with a unique look for you and only works in the MV and VX Ace versions of RPG Maker. It may also help if you do a quick search for “RPG Maker character designs” for some inspiration. Then you can manually download tilesets from various websites or purchase them in resource packs. These resource packs contain not only tilesets but also background music and sound effects.

Another method is to steal resources from a game. It is also possible to steal the game’s music tracks. Some RPG Maker games use music tracks from CDs and DVDs. While these methods are not legal, they are very popular. RPG Maker games that feature characters from other games are often highly polished and incredibly detailed. For this reason, it is crucial to understand the differences between these approaches and create characters that your players will relate to.

If you’re not comfortable using Ruby, it’s important to learn it. It’s a much faster way to develop your characters. Using this method, you can customize every aspect of your character and create unique characters for your RPG maker game. This method is also free and open source. You can also add your own character models and save them in your RPG maker game. If you’re not comfortable with using Ruby, you should learn the basics first before proceeding.

A script is a way of writing code for an RPG Maker game. Most of the functionality of RPG Maker is built into Ruby code. It consists of classes named with the format “(TypeOfObject)_(Purpose)”. For example, Game_Actor defines the game object representing a character that fights. The same applies for Window_BattleStatus, which defines a window that displays the battle status of the party.

RPG Maker XP was the first entry in the series to introduce a scripting language. This language, known as RGSS, provided greater flexibility. However, to use this language, one had to have knowledge of Ruby programming or copy and paste scripts from the community. However, this is not a difficult skill to master, and there are several great RPG Maker scripts available online. This is where RPG Maker scripts come in handy.

After completing the game’s basics, a script is needed for the characters. This script includes dialogue for each character, the scenes and sound effects, and more. Then, the player can move on to the next level. This process requires plenty of time, depending on the journey of the characters. The Script for making an RPG Maker game is a crucial first step in the creation of a high-quality RPG.

After creating the game, the creator can choose to copy all game files to another computer. This will make the game files much smaller. The game can then be compiled to disk by pressing “Disk” under the File menu in the editor. Creating a single file, which can be played on multiple computers, is the easiest way to compile the game. A compiled game can be protected by encryption. This is one of the advantages of composing a game in this way.

Object placement

When creating an RPG, the final step is object placement. There are many ways to arrange objects and create an interesting world. With Overworld RPG, for example, you can use over 250 pre-built objects in the game. Objects can be anything from Chests of Drawers to Battleships. You can organize your scripts and events to appear more fluid, as well as divide the world into regions by population.


If you are working on a project for an RPG maker game, then you might want to consider using music tracks that are available for download from the internet. These tracks can be used for any purpose, from a commercial game OST to an RPG maker game. These tracks are available for download from sites like the Proud Music Library. You can download these tracks for free, but you should keep in mind that they will only be used to introduce a track to a customer or to test if they are suitable for your rpg maker project. Free music is not necessarily royalty-free, and this is an urban myth.

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