Spotify’s fresh score is a way for users to discover new music by analyzing their listening habits. It is based on a system that uses algorithms to crawl the web and analyze music listener behaviours to identify rising stars. It was developed by Boston startup The Echo Nest, which was acquired by Spotify in 2014.


Mixtapes are an interesting addition to the Spotify music service. Although the streaming giant doesn’t censor content, it does have certain guidelines for what it considers music. These guidelines include how the music should be treated by Spotify and how it should be submitted to the service. For example, you should only submit one track at a time to the service, and you should fill in as much information as possible about the track. For example, you should include the genre, style, mood, and culture of the song.

There are a lot of record labels with their own curated playlists. They promote their artists by putting their music on other people’s playlists. Some of the major labels have their own sub-brands devoted to curating playlists. Sony, Warner, and Universal have all created sub-brands dedicated to curating Spotify content.

Discover Weekly

Spotify’s Discover Weekly is a new feature that helps users find new music. It uses algorithms to determine what music a user is listening to. It looks at songs that you’re playing together as well as the order in which they’re arranged in playlists. If the algorithm notices a song in the middle of another song, it will include it in the Discover Weekly.

The discovery feature launched in June and has gained massive popularity. It has already generated billions of streams and is viewed by 60% of Spotify users. Furthermore, 71% of users who listen to Discover Weekly add at least one track to their own playlists. Another reason why Discover Weekly is popular is that it uses your Spotify playlist to serve you new songs that are similar to the ones you’ve already been listening to.

Discover Weekly is a feature that allows you to discover new music every Monday. It sends you a curated playlist that includes 30 new songs every week. It works like a “music-aholic” friend who knows your tastes and recommends new songs based on those. The playlist includes a mix of new and old songs from artists you might not have heard before.

You can also view other people’s Discovery Weekly playlists. By default, Discover Weekly playlists are private, but you can share them with others. This way, you can listen to your favourite songs on Spotify even if you’ve deleted the playlist. Just keep in mind that Spotify wipes its playlists every Monday. If you’d like to save a copy of your Discover Weekly playlist, you can manually save it or use the free IFTTT service to do so.

Spotify’s algorithm for discovering new music

Spotify has an algorithm that matches artists’ music to people’s preferences based on their listening habits. If you want to increase your chances of being discovered by Spotify’s algorithm, here are some tips. First, make sure your profile is filled out completely. Include upcoming gigs, photos, social links, and a bio. Another way to increase your Spotify popularity is to upload new songs more often.

The algorithm for discovering new music on Spotify is complex, and the company protects its intellectual property. But one of its employees, Sofia Ciocca, has broken it down into its component parts. The best part is that she uncovered the algorithm’s components from sources outside of Spotify. It’s similar to the discovery process you use on radio stations or while walking down the street.

Spotify’s algorithm for discovering new music uses data from millions of music blogs to recommend new songs to its users. But this method isn’t very effective for finding new music from unknown artists. Spotify’s algorithm uses audio to train its algorithm to recognize certain characters, such as distorted guitars and certain genres.

As the algorithm uses user data to match new songs with users’ tastes, it must make a balanced approach between giving users the music they are likely to like and serving new artists to users who would never otherwise have heard of them. The more people use Spotify, the more it improves its algorithm.

Spotify’s affinity score

Spotify’s success has largely been attributed to the amount of time its users spend listening to music. As a result, its affinity score is one of the most important metrics for a streaming service. The more time users spend listening to music, the more likely they are to recommend it to others. Hence, users who spend the most time using Spotify are more likely to be recommending it to others.

Another important metric for the company is the “discovery” aspect. According to its own research, users who discover new music are happier and feel better when they do so. Seventy-one percent of surveyed users also said that it helps them learn something new, which is a good sign. The company is also said to be trusted by a high proportion of users, especially millennials.

Spotify’s social features allow users to broadcast and share their music experiences to external apps. They can also create collaborative playlists and share stories about songs. They can even share music to social media networks, like Facebook and Instagram. This helps them bring more people into the Spotify world. The social aspect is a key part of Spotify’s overall strategy and design.

To meet these goals, the company restructured its marketing function last February. This enabled the company to roll out initiatives almost weekly across ten key markets. It also hired a new top marketer named Taj Alavi. His goal is to re-connect consumers with the emotional side of the brand, and use creative output at a higher frequency. Moreover, he also wants to tap into trends and cultural moments. As a result, Spotify is now aiming to double its creative output over the next three years.


Mint is a music discovery platform that uses SubmitHub to take in new tracks and make them accessible on Spotify. Between late 2015 and mid-2017, SubmitHub has received 1.3 million submissions. The service’s goal is to provide a fresh, diverse score of new music on Spotify.

As of the time of writing, Mint is one of the most popular playlists on Spotify. The playlist contains both original and cover versions of artists. It’s also known for featuring dance music. Some artists featured on Mint Singles include Gattuso and R3hab. There’s also a mix of rap and other genres.

Mint is a leading electronic music playlist within the Spotify ecosystem. It was formerly known as electroNOW, and rebranded in Aug 2017. It is Spotify’s flagship for the EDM genre. However, the music streaming service has many other sub-brands. Many of them leverage vertical mobile-optimized videos, radio-bred curators, and streaming dominance.

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