Ashes of Ariandel is one of the most challenging areas of Dark Souls 3. You can’t just jump into it and start killing creatures. You need to carefully explore each area and plan your way to the end of each level. The level has large and small humanoid enemies, precarious ledges, and a small army of enemies. The best way to beat the game is to carefully plan your route through each area and then use the items that you find along the way.


Ashes of Ariandel is a new DLC for Dark Souls III. It can be unlocked relatively early on in the game, and is a great challenge for experienced players. From Software recommends that you reach level 80 before tackling this expansion. To unlock this DLC, you must first travel to the Cathedral of the Deep and enter the Cleansing Chapel bonfire.

Once inside the area, you will be faced with several groups of enemies. The first group is a human-like creature known as a Follower, and the next group are wolves. When facing a group of wolves, it is best to avoid charging into them. While it might seem easier, it’s best to wait for the attack animation to finish before you attack.

You’ll want to spend some time exploring the Ashes of Ariandel DLC. This new expansion is packed with new weapons and spells. It also has a new competitive multiplayer mode. This mode is great if you like playing against other players. During the game, you’ll encounter new enemies, new quests, and new challenges. It’s also possible to earn new weapons and armor sets.

Another important part of this DLC is unlocking the Chillbite Ring, which builds frost resistance. You can obtain it by talking to Sister Friede, a NPC in the cathedral. Once you have gotten the Chillbite Ring, you’ll be able to use it on enemies and in the upcoming DLC. You can also unlock new PVP modes by using this ring.

You’ll also need to find Sister Friede’s soul. You’ll need this to craft the Rose of Ariandel, which is one of the game’s best weapons. It’s not a good idea to use a weapon that doesn’t work on the ash pit, as this will damage the entire party. If you find yourself in a situation where you can’t kill your opponent, it’s best to use the Rose of Ariandel instead.

You’ll also need to make your way to the Ariandel Chapel bonfire. You can access this area through a hanging bridge. You can also use giant roots from a cliff to descend to the icy floor. You can also use a bonfire to explore the area without having to die, and this bonfire can be accessed via the crypt below the chapel.


Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel is the first DLC pack for the game, and it introduces a new type of PvP content. The DLC is not particularly difficult, but you will want to play it with some experience to be able to master its more challenging sections. However, if you are new to the game, it’s best to start with the core walkthrough first before venturing into this DLC.

To get started, start in the Cleansing Church, where you will find a bonfire. Once you reach the bonfire, talk to the new NPC to activate a cutscene that takes you to the Painted World of Ariandel. You can also visit the Cathedral of the Deep, where you can find the first ashes.

To progress in Ashes of Ariandel, you must first get 20,000 souls in the game. You will need this to access the DLC’s main hub area. You will also need to fight the dragon Greirat. Make sure you have enough souls to defeat this dragon.

This DLC contains two new bosses, as well as new weapons and armor sets. You’ll also have new spells and new environments to explore. Fortunately, you can even play Dark Souls 3 with other people, and you’ll enjoy a lot of new content.

One of the best ways to boost your poise is to equip high-poised items and armor. You’ll need this because you’ll be blocking a lot. It’s a great way to increase your poise, especially if you’re stuck on a particularly tough area.


The new DLC pack for Dark Souls 3 is called Ashes of Ariandel, and it contains 14 powerful new weapons. In order to get them all, you’ll need to put in some work. Here are some tips to help you choose the best weapons to get through Ashes of Ariandel. The Earth Seeker: This weapon is a bit slow, but it deals a lot of damage. It is especially effective against NPCs and other players who are long ranged.

The Shrine Handmaid: The Shrine Handmaid can give you an Ordained Dress set, which can only be obtained after defeating the main boss in Ashes of Ariandel. To access this area, you’ll need to crank the wheel in the blood fly room, which is below the Ariandel Chapel. The Ashes of Ariandel also contain four new spells that you can use to kill the boss.

Onyx Blade: The Onyx Blade is a unique weapon in Ashes of Ariandel. It’s a heavy-hitting weapon that scales with Faith and Intelligence. It has a moveset similar to that of other weapons in Dark Souls 3 but has the added benefit of being coated in flame when Elfriede uses her Blackflame ability. This makes it very useful in combat, because it deals small amounts of damage even through enemies’ defenses. Another bonus is that the Onyx Blade has a fast coating animation, which allows you to use it safely while in combat.

If you want to get to the Ashes of Ariandel DLC, you will need to purchase the DLC. There are a few unique weapons in the Ashes of Ariandel DLC, but the rest of the weapons are rubbish. This is why it is important to get the DLC before you start playing the game.

Raptor Flurry: The Raptor Flurry is another weapon you should use to get to Ashes of Ariandel. This weapon allows you to make several fast attacks, which can kill the enemy in one go.


If you’re looking for a shortcut to get to the ashes of Ariandel in Dark Souls 3, there are several ways to do so. The first way is to head to the Cathedral of the Deep and find the guy mumbling about “Fire for Ariandel.” Then, use the rest of the rope bridge as a ladder. Once you’re up there, you’ll be able to reach the Ashes of Ariandel.

You’ll also want to know that this DLC is quite short compared to other DLC packs for Dark Souls 3. You can complete it in one or two sittings if you’re an experienced player. However, it doesn’t stack up to the previous DLCs, which were longer and more difficult.

Another way to get to the ashes of Ariandel is to make use of the “Journey Configuration” option in the game’s menu. This will let you change where your game starts from. In this way, you can get to the illusory wall after Oceiros, where you need to seduce the Fire Keeper.

Another way to get to the ashes of Ariandel is by going to the first bonfire. Once you’ve got this, you can then go to the Cathedral of the Deep and get the Small Doll. This is the key to unlocking the DLC area.

During the game, there are a few shortcuts to get to the ashes of Ariandel. First, you can find the bonfire outside of the Ariandel Chapel. You can also find a shortcut to the Ariandel Chapel by utilizing the Contraption Key.

The second shortcut to get to the ashes of Ariandel is to unlock the Tower Key. You can get this key from the Shrine Handmaiden. You can then unlock the locked tower door. This will allow you to reach the ashes of Ariandel without having to walk through a portal. After unlocking the tower, walk down the orange-tiled roof to the front of the Shrine. From here, you’ll see the doorway.

The last shortcut to the ashes of Ariandel can be achieved in a couple of ways. The first route is to go to the chapel and crypt on the clifftop. You can also climb the crumpled bridge leading into the tower. Taking this route will require a lot of effort, but the reward is worth it.

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