If you’re looking for instructions on how to connect two controllers to a Nintendo Switch, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll cover how to connect a Switch Pro Controller with a Joy-Con controller. You can also use the Joy-Con as individual controllers by pressing the shoulder buttons on top, which are labeled “SL” and “SR,” respectively.


The first step in connecting 2 Joy-Cons to your Nintendo Switch is to find the right pairing button. You can locate this button on the shoulder buttons of each Joy-Con. Press the Sync button until the LED lights flash. Then, you should slide the controller to the base console. Once this is done, you can press any of the buttons on each Joy-Con to connect them.

You can also use the power button to wake up your Nintendo Switch from sleep mode. It will look for your Joy-Con controller and will rumble to confirm that it has been connected. You should also look for a black pairing button on each Joy-Con. When you find the button, press it to reconnect it to the system.

You can also combine your Joy-Cons by holding the buttons on the bottom of the face. You can then toggle between the two Joy Cons by pressing the buttons on both of them. Note that iOS 16 is still in the developer beta stage, so you may encounter some bugs when pairing two Joy-Cons.

After connecting your Joy-Cons to your Switch, open the settings menu. Choose Bluetooth. Then, tap on the Joy-Con’s black pairing button. Then, you should see a green light on the controller. If you can see this light, the controller is connected to your Switch. If you don’t see the green light, there’s a problem with the connection.

If you’ve recently purchased your Joy-Cons, you may not have faulty units. In fact, Nintendo has since fixed the connectivity issues in future shipments, and the problem may no longer be present with your Joy-Cons. Alternatively, you can use one Joy-Con for one-player play and connect two Joy-Cons for multiplayer gaming.

You can also use both Joy-Cons at once if you have a Comfort Grip cradle. Then, you need to press the corresponding shoulder buttons on each Joy-Con. You can also use the two smaller buttons on the rail, which are labeled ‘SL’ and ‘SR’. These buttons function like the L and R buttons on the Switch.

You can also change the order of the controllers on your Switch by selecting ‘Controllers’ on the HOME menu. In this step, you’ll change the order of the controllers by pairing them in the order that you’d like them to appear. When you’re done, you’ll be able to use both Joy-Cons together, as well as switch between them.

Pairing Joy-Cons with a computer

If you’ve purchased a Nintendo Switch console, you might want to pair the Joy-Cons with your computer. The problem with Bluetooth connection is that it’s often a finicky process, and it doesn’t always work. There’s one simple way to fix this: use a third-party application called BetterJoy. BetterJoy lets you switch between Joy-Cons without having to mess with the source code.

To pair Joy-Cons with a PC, you first need to unpair the Switch and disconnect the Joy-Cons from the console. Then, press the “Sync” button on the controllers until both LED lights light up. This will bring up a Bluetooth device menu on the PC. From there, select the Joy-Con (L) or “R” and click the “Connect” button.

To connect the Joy-Cons to your PC, make sure they’re in pairing mode. Once you’ve done that, turn on Steam. You’ll see the Joy-Cons listed under Controllers. To use Steam with the Joy-Cons, go to the Steam menu at the top of your screen and select the Joy-Cons option.

The Joy-Cons are the primary game controllers for Nintendo Switch. They are two separate units that work separately and as one. When connected to a PC, their functions are limited, but they can work with a Windows PC or Mac. When you use the software, MiniTool will guide you through the process of pairing the Joy-Cons with your computer.

If you want to connect your Joy-Con controllers to your iPhone or iPad, you can pair them with iOS 16 or earlier. Once you’ve connected your Joy-Cons to iOS 16 or later, you can also pair them with your iPhone. This process is simple and only takes a few seconds.

To pair the Joy-Cons with your PC, first make sure you have Bluetooth connectivity on your PC. Bluetooth connectivity is built into many gaming laptops and motherboards, but if you don’t have Bluetooth on your PC, you can purchase a USB Bluetooth receiver. The USB receiver can cost less than $15 on Amazon.

You can also use a Pro Controller. However, it is important to remember that this controller doesn’t work with all games, as it uses an older API known as DirectInput. XInput games, on the other hand, are designed to use a different API.

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