In Fortnite, there is a way to collect candy. It’s a simple process in which you eat candy in order to get health and armor. Candy can be collected in various places, including Holly Hedges, Pleasant Park, and Retail Row. Last year, you needed to eat 25 pieces of candy in order to complete a quest. However, this requirement has been decreased to 15 pieces this year.

Pleasant Park

The best place to collect candy in Fortnite is Pleasant Park, where players can find plenty of decorated houses. Use the Harvesting Tool to harvest candy from these decorations. Additionally, there are some loose candies in the park that you can collect. All candy restores a small amount of health, but some candy has interesting effects.

To collect candy in Fortnite Pleasant Park, you must head to a house in the north of the map. The scarecrow is located near a brick house, and it contains Candy. You should also head north, and turn right when you get to the brick house with spider web on the door. Once you’ve done this, you should smash a bucket near the house.

There are several different ways to collect Candy in Pleasant Park. One way is to destroy pumpkins. In this way, you can get a large amount of Candy. In addition, you can find different types of Candies, each of which has different effects. If you’re looking to get a large amount of Candy in Fortnite Pleasant Park, this strategy will be ideal.

You can also use the Candy challenge to find cosmetic items. This challenge is obtainable in Fortnite Pleasant Park by collecting fifteen pieces of candy. This Candy challenge can be completed easily with the help of Halloween buckets. These buckets are shaped like pumpkins and ghosts, and smashing them will release candies.

Hop Drops

Hop Drops are one of the most useful items in Fortnite. This consumable gives the player a temporary boost in speed and health. In addition, the player will experience a reduced gravity effect when jumping. This makes the Hop Drop the perfect candy to use during traversal or firefights. The Hop Drop is also great for gaining XP and unlocking skins, such as the Webster skin. This consumable also gives the player a speed boost, which is essential for many other tasks in the game.

Cole, who sells the Hop Rock Dualies, is a great source of this item. You can find him in the southeast area of the map at a shack. These items only cost 500 Gold Bars, which is cheaper than most Exotic weapons in the game. Another good source of Hop Rock Dualies is Deadfire, who spawns near the center of the map, near Zero Point.

Hop Rocks

Previously available only at the Dusty Divot location, hop rocks launch the player HIGH, but now, the game allows players to collect them everywhere! These float in the air for around 30 seconds, and give you a slight boost to your jumping speed. However, they only work in mid-air, so if you run out in the middle of a jump, you will lose your boost and take damage.

Hop Rocks are a special kind of candy that gives players higher jumps and increased duration of their jumps. These are found in the Dusty Divot and glow a deep blue color. To collect Hop Rocks, hold X or Square on your Xbox One, or E on your PS4 or PC. Each candy is only good for 30 seconds, but they’re definitely worth collecting.

Zero Point Pretzels

The Zero Point Pretzel is one of the new items that players can collect in Fortnite. They can be found all over the map in the Candy Buckets. Unlike Ammo Boxes, which contain only ammo, these candy containers contain other types of goodies like peppers, gumdrops, and more. However, the Zero Point Pretzels are by far the most useful of all.

To collect Zero Point Pretzels, players should head over to the Pleasant Park area. The houses there are decorated with different candy, including Jellybeans, Peppermints, and Zero Point Pretzels. To collect them, players need to break a Zero Point Shard nearby.

Once you’ve done this, head to the purple pool in Steamy Stacks. You’ll need to do at least 300 damage with your pistol before reaching Zero Point. Aside from collecting Zero Point Pretzels, players can also get more XP by unlocking new Battle Pass skins.


The Scarecrow is a popular character in Fortnite and is one of the best ways to collect taffies in the game. This sweet treat is obtained by killing enemies and lowering their tally. In addition to this, players can also use hero kills to get taffies. Recently, Valve released new features in the game, including the Scarecrow Stash, a new feature in which players can get a bundle of taffies in a single go. Players can also unlock the Hallowed Chest of Diretide, which contains cosmetics for the Immortal tier. This new feature forces teams to compete for this item.

After getting the Scarecrow, players should continue heading north until they reach a large yellow house with a spider web over its door. The scarecrow is nearby the large yellow house, and the player can collect more Candy from him. Once the player reaches the house with the spider web, they should turn right to smash the bucket in front of the scarecrow. If you do not want to use the bucket, they can also go right after smashing a bucket nearby a brick house.

You can make scarecrows as early as level 1 in Farming, which makes them a useful tool for protecting crops from crows. However, the Scarecrows will not protect crops that are grown from Wild Seeds. In addition, scarecrows do not protect crops that are grown on Ginger Island, where crows are absent.

Halloween Candy

The Fortnitemares Halloween update has brought new challenges to the game. One of these is collecting Halloween candy, which is a great way to get free XP and cosmetic items. These candies can be found in pumpkin treat buckets in residential areas. The best areas to look for them include Holly Hedges, Pleasant Park, and Retail Row.

There are several different ways to collect Halloween candy in Fortnite, but this guide will show you how to find them all. You will find that collecting candy isn’t all that difficult. It doesn’t take too much time, but you will have to collect enough to complete a challenge.

The best part is, it’s free!

First, find houses that are decorated for Halloween. You’ll find pumpkins with faces on them outside the houses. Once you find these pumpkins, smash the bowls to find the candy inside. You can also collect the candy that has fallen out of them. If you’re unsure where to find them, watch the video below.

Besides pumpkins, players can also find candy in the form of baskets near Halloween decorations. These can be harvested with a pickaxe, and the candy will fall out. This means that you can collect up to 15 pieces of candy at once. The goal is to collect as many as possible before the event ends.

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