Spotify has a new offer for its subscribers in the US. For a limited time, subscribers can get a free Google Home Mini with their family plan. Similar to the Amazon Echo Dot, the Google Home Mini comes with a built-in virtual assistant. This offer is only available until the end of the year, so if you’re in the market for a new virtual assistant, now may be the time to get one.

Free Google Home Mini

For the rest of December, Spotify is giving away a free Google Home Mini to anyone who subscribes to its premium Family plan. The device is Google’s answer to the Amazon Echo Dot and has a built-in virtual assistant. The promotion is valid for existing and new customers in the US, but it’s only available through the end of the year.

The offer is open to Premium Individual and Family subscribers in the U.S. and is available while supplies last. Spotify also says that it’s valid for paying Spotify members, so it’s likely to be a limited time offer. Unfortunately, the offer doesn’t apply to those who signed up for the service through a third party or received a student discount. Also, people who received a free Google Home Mini last year cannot qualify for the same deal this year.

If you’re a Premium or Family plan subscriber, you can claim your free Google Home Mini by following a few simple steps. Once you sign up, your free device will arrive within a few days. If you’re not a Premium or Family Plan subscriber, you can still use the same promotional code to get a free Google Home Mini.

This is an incredible deal, especially when Spotify is partnering with Samsung on Galaxy Home, but it’s a limited time offer. It’s an exciting way to keep consumers engaged with their music and to promote the Spotify brand. It’s also a great way to get more people to subscribe to the service. It’s not the first time that Spotify has offered free products for subscribers. In fact, they have partnered with Samsung to give the Home Mini to Samsung Galaxy Home subscribers.

In addition to free Google Home Minis, Spotify is also working with Google to roll out new features to make it easier to access their music library and play it on Google Home Minis and other Assistant-powered devices. This means that the Spotify family plan is more accessible to everyone, and that it’s now easier than ever to enjoy music through Spotify with the convenience of a Google Home Mini.

Unlimited access to music

The Spotify family plan allows up to six family members to access the Premium service for $15 per month. However, users must live at the same address. The company will check the GPS data of each member of the household and cancel the account if there is a suspicion that someone is sharing an account.

Spotify premium offers more features than a free plan, like the ability to download 10,000 tracks and use up to five devices. The free version only has a few restrictions. You can’t skip songs from curated playlists, so you have to download them separately. After 30 days, the downloaded files will be removed. You can also only download tracks in sequence, so if you want to listen to an entire album, you’ll have to re-start the playlist.

To add new family members, go to the Account Overview, and click the “Spotify Family” box. You’ll notice that there are empty avatars and slots in the Family plan. If you don’t know the person’s display name or avatar, send them an email. Once they accept the invitation, they’ll see the “Waiting” box. You’ll have to type in the recipient’s display name and avatar. Then, they’ll receive an email inviting them to join the family plan.

Spotify premium plans can be shared with up to six family members. Spotify Premium Duo and Premium Family plans are similar, but the latter is cheaper for single individuals. However, the premium plans have higher costs in the EU and the UK. It’s also possible to share accounts between multiple users. A Spotify family plan allows you to stream music on as many devices as you want.

If you have several family members, it’s important to choose the right plan for your family. The Spotify family plan allows you to set up filters for adult content and includes a family mix playlist. However, there’s a catch: you need to be in the same country as your family to enjoy the Spotify family plan.

The Spotify family plan doesn’t have a minimum subscription period. You pay for one month at a time and can cancel at any time. There’s also a free trial option for Spotify Premium, which allows you to listen to the service for 30 days before signing up for a paid plan.

Free Hulu account

If you’re a student in the US and have a Spotify family plan, you can get a Free Hulu account for your kids. You can activate the ad-supported plan by using your existing Hulu account and agreeing to switch over automatically to Spotify billing. Otherwise, you can wait until your SHOWTIME plan expires. Note that this deal is only available to US college and university students. If you’re not a student, you can’t get Premium with Hulu or SHOWTIME.

To get a free Hulu account, you must sign up for a new account with Spotify and the Hulu deal. Fill out your personal details and provide a debit or credit card to complete the sign-up process. This process takes about five minutes and will allow you to access Hulu for free for 30 days. Once you’re signed up, you’ll receive 30 days of free music and TV.

After a few days, you can go back to the Hulu app and sign in. Then, you’ll be taken to the login page where you can select your plan. From here, you’ll be asked for your personal information, including your name, email address, and password. After completing this process, hit the Create Account button to set up your new Hulu account. After you’ve set up your account, you’ll be asked to enter your billing information and pay any subscription fees that you may have.

This partnership between Spotify and Hulu is good news for everyone who wants to watch TV without paying extra money. The two companies share revenue and are now promoting their original shows on Spotify, making the subscriptions cheaper for everyone. This is good news for Hulu, as it helps to attract new users to the service. It also helps Spotify stand out from the competition.

You can also use your Hulu account to watch Hulu videos without a Netflix subscription. If you have a Spotify family plan, you can watch movies and TV shows for free with Hulu and Showtime. But before you do, you must first have a Spotify Premium student plan.

Free three-month trial of YouTube Music Premium

If you are interested in streaming music, YouTube offers a free three-month trial of its music-streaming service, YouTube Music Premium. The subscription-based service offers an unlimited music library and allows you to watch ad-free videos. It also offers ad-free music streaming and access to YouTube Originals. You can sign up for a trial here.

The free three-month trial is a limited time offer for subscribers. After three months, you may want to subscribe to the premium service for a full year. YouTube Premium is an ad-free service for desktops, mobile devices, and enabled TVs. You’ll also get access to the YouTube music catalog and the ability to download videos for offline viewing. The subscription will also enable you to enable background play so you can continue listening even if you lock your screen.

You can also subscribe to YouTube Music Premium for free if you’re a student. While the free trial is only valid for three months, the paid subscription will be equivalent to around $2 a month. If you don’t want to spend more than this, you can sign up for the service with a VPN. Using a VPN will protect your personal data and keep your online transactions safe. Some popular VPNs include NordVPN, Cyberghost, and Surfshark. You can also sign up for a free three-month trial of Youtube Music Premium.

To start enjoying the premium service, YouTube has introduced a number of different subscription plans. You can sign up for a one-year or annual subscription for Rs 129. This plan includes YouTube Music and ad-free streaming videos. It also includes access to YouTube Original shows.

You can also try YouTube Premium for free if you already have a Google account. To redeem the offer, you will need to have a valid payment method and a Google account. Once you’ve signed up, you won’t be charged until the trial period ends. To check whether you’re eligible, visit the YouTube Premium page for details. Alternatively, if you’re a Sprint customer, you can use your Sprint account to access the offer.

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