To counter Morgott’s attacks, players must use the Ashes of War. This is a powerful attack that deals Holy Damage. Morgott can also use Holy daggers and hammers, as well as the Haligdrake Talisman to strengthen their attacks. In addition, Morgott also uses Holyproof Dried Liver, which makes him resistant to Holy Damage.

Morgott’s attacks

The attacks of Morgott are divided into two phases. First, he uses his sword to slash enemies. His second phase uses his sword to summon holy weapons, such as holy daggers or a giant holy spear. It is important to stay away from Morgott while using these attacks.

Morgott’s attacks can cause significant damage, especially if you aren’t a good fighter. His Blood Thrust is particularly devastating. A Blood Slice can cause massive damage, as well. Morgott’s attacks can be avoided by dodging and maneuvering around.

Morgott starts phase two with a level of 55% health. Once he is at half health, he’ll begin to struggle. He’ll also start to yell. In addition to his yelling, he’ll release a foul-smelling liquid that spreads around the arena. This energy can cause a flinch if you aren’t in a position to deal with it.

After this phase, Morgott resumes normal attacks. The slashing attacks that make him hard to track are still very strong, but he’s not completely unbeatable. His hammer and holy hammer are both good options. He also uses a spear.

The first time you fight Morgott, you should have a tanky Spirit Ash nearby to provide support. It’s also best to use the Mimic Tear. A tanky Spirit Ash can help Melina deal with his attacks. A tanky Spirit Ash can also help Melina with her attacks.

Morgott can also unleash a hail of holy swords. While he holds his sword back and charges with it, he also throws his enemies on the ground. This large-area attack is good for healing or punishing enemies with status items.

Morgott’s Great Rune

In the Elder Ring, Morgott’s Great Rune is a powerful item that grants a lot of buffs to your character. The rune can be equipped at the Site of Grace, which is a shrine that contains statues and a massive bone. It also restores your health after defeating enemies.

Activating a Great Rune is a complex process that requires a Divine Tower. It can only be done if the player has already gathered one of the four pieces of the Rune Arc. This is because you must have the first Great Rune in order to use it. This means that you have to kill a boss in order to activate the Rune.

Morgott’s Great Rune is a great item that greatly boosts the character’s HP. It is best for players who want to maximize their survivability. It can also be used in the Grand Lift of Rold. It is best obtained after completing the main quest of the Elder Ring.

When equipped, Morgott’s Great Rune gives a +5 buff to the wearer’s stats. It can also be used in conjunction with summoned spirits. It is effective against enemies and can heal them up to 10% of their max health.

Activating the Great Rune in Morgott’s Great Rune can help players achieve different endings. Activating it can boost the maximum HP, FP, and Stamina of a character, which will be useful for endings that require high HP.

The Morgott’s Great Rune buffs the player by 25 percent. The Rune is a great tool for regaining lost HP, but it can also reduce the healing power of a Flask of Crimson Tears. This rune is available for PlayStation 4 and 5 as well as the Xbox One.


Elden Ring is a new fantasy role-playing game developed by FromSoftware. It combines elements of the Dark Souls series with new combat systems and classic FromSoftware boss battles. The game’s first boss, Margit the Fell Omen, is a challenging fight that foreshadows many of the game’s later battles.

The main objective in the Elden Ring is to beat Margit, the Fell Omen, and she will test your attacking skills. She uses ranged attacks and three-hit combo attacks to hurt you. You can avoid her attacks by sprinting in a straight line. You can also summon your spirit companions to help you in the fight.

The last boss in Elden Ring is Morgott, the Omen King. You must be able to dodge Morgott’s attacks before he strikes you. His attacks can build up Bleed damage, so it’s a good idea to dodge roll away from the point of impact. In addition, he likes to perform a dagger-hammer combo, where he throws three daggers and then runs in to strike with his hammer. If you want to dodge his hammer strikes, try to dodge roll sideways to avoid the daggers and dodge roll underneath his hammer strikes.

While Margot is a very strong and unpredictable character, she does not always use the same attack pattern twice. She uses different moves and attack patterns, but she is limited in her range during her first phase. Avoiding her twists and jumps allows you to get away from her blade slash and attack her from a safe distance.

The first major boss of Elden Ring, Margit the Fell Omen, is a challenging boss that blocks progress through Elden Ring. To defeat her, you must have a high character level and a strong weapon. This enemy is a kind of tank with surprising mobility and range. Margit is a two phase challenge, so don’t underestimate it.

Summoning a maiden

Summoning a maiden with the Elden Ring is a crucial part of every battle, since it grants you a brief window of invincibility on all attacks. However, it can be easy to abuse this mechanic. That’s why FromSoftware deliberately limits the range of enemy attacks and makes them reach a certain distance before granting Elden Ring rolls. Even bosses are designed with multiple quick and delayed attacks, which make it difficult to use the Elden Ring for effective damage.

To get this quest, you must find Spirit Ash, which is located in Nokstella, an Eternal City. Once you have this item, go left and activate the Site of Grace in Nokstella. After completing the quest, you will have to fight many different enemies in Nokstella.

After defeating Morgott, Melina will approach you, offering you a new accord. You’ll need this accord to level up and advance through the main quest. However, you can always change your mind at the Site of Grace later on.

After you have summoned Morgott, you can attempt to distract him by summoning Melina. Melina is located in the mist door on the right. Beware, though, that Melina is squishy and easily destroyed if cornered. So, be sure to keep her from backing up completely.

If you manage to beat Margit, you’ll be rewarded with access to the Stormveil Castle. She is the first boss in Elden Ring and is a challenging foe. She uses two-handed attacks and a three-hit combo attack. You can avoid her by dodging.

If you want to have a better chance of completing an encounter, you should try a high-end summon. If you have the money, you can also try a legendary summon like a Nightmaiden or Swordstress. These two summons are the most powerful in the Elden Ring. They can take on some of the hardest bosses on your quest.

Latenna is a magical archer who can help you in the quest. She has an interesting questline, and her bow is very powerful. However, her one drawback is that she cannot move from her summoned location. This means that it’s hard to use her against fast opponents, but she’s good enough to handle some bosses.

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