If you’ve ever wanted to discover a hidden Star Wars easter egg, Spotify is here to help. If you’ve listened to a Star Wars movie or series on Spotify, you might be surprised to discover that the music you’re listening to is actually inspired by the film. For example, if you’ve been listening to Michael Giacchino’s score, the play scroll will turn into a lightsaber. Spotify even has a feature that will match you to a Star Wars character based on what you’ve been listening to.

Star Wars easter egg

For fans of the Star Wars movies, Spotify has a special Star Wars Easter egg. Listening to any Star Wars soundtrack on Spotify will activate the Easter egg. This feature consists of three different lightsabers, which you can click on to change their color. Originally, there were even more lightsabers to choose from. One of these lightsabers, dubbed “THX1138,” would even turn on for the entire listening session.

Another Easter egg is a way to change the progress bar into a lightsaber. When you listen to the Star Wars soundtrack on Spotify, you’ll notice that the progress bar transforms into a lightsaber. To activate this easter egg, you need to be using the desktop version of the app. The Easter egg will remain active until you restart Spotify.

Users also noticed that the playback bar in the music app is shaped like a lightsaber. While lightsabers don’t get much screen time in Rogue One, they can still be found in the album’s soundtrack. This feature is a fun way to celebrate the movie’s anniversary.

The new Rogue One movie is about to premiere in theaters, and it’s already making waves on the internet. To celebrate the premiere, Spotify has released a new Star Wars Easter egg that allows its users to listen to the soundtrack while playing the film. The play scroll turns into a lightsaber when you click on it, and the play scroll changes colors from blue to green and finally red.

There are hidden features in Spotify’s desktop, PC, and mobile applications. These features have been around for years, but four have been removed. While these Easter eggs are small, they are still fun to discover and enjoy. When you’re searching for the perfect song to listen to, look for the hidden Easter Eggs within Spotify.

Character-specific playlists on Spotify

Spotify has introduced character-specific playlists for fans of Star Wars. The first is Yoda, who has a mix of music by Jon Hopkins, Helios, and Nils Frahm. Another is Finn, who has a mix of indie rock and classical music. It’s a good idea to check out these playlists before seeing the movie.

As the movie approaches its release date, the streaming service is getting in the spirit. As part of a partnership with Disney, it’s introducing a feature called “Star Wars Match” that matches you to a Star Wars character based on your music preferences. Once you’ve created a profile, Spotify will match you with a character based on your taste in music.

In addition to the character-specific playlists, Spotify has also launched a game to match fans with their favorite Star Wars character. After analyzing your listening habits, Spotify’s data droids can match you with the right Star Wars character. By simply selecting a character from the new movie, you’ll be presented with a list of playlists that match the character.

Another fun feature that allows you to explore more of the Star Wars franchise is the ability to create playlists based on specific characters and stories. You can create a playlist based on specific themes, such as Luke’s adventures in the Millennium Falcon, and even create playlists based on the main characters of each of the three prequels. Once you’ve made a playlist, you’ll see a blue lightsaber on your progress bar.

Streaming music from Star Wars films is becoming increasingly popular. Disney has a dedicated account on Spotify that features playlists based on characters from the movies. For example, Zootopia fans can listen to a Disney-themed playlist, while Star Wars fans can enjoy the soundtracks of the seven films in chronological order.

Matching you with a Star Wars character based on your listening history

Spotify is partnering with Disney to launch Star Wars Match, a new feature in its music service. The feature analyzes your listening history to recommend a character that best matches your music taste. Then, you can select your favorite Star Wars character and listen to their music, or choose a guest option to choose your favorite artist.

Star Wars fans will be happy to hear this new feature on the platform, as it allows them to listen to music and get matched with a Star Wars character based on their listening history. You can select your favorite bands or artists, and listen to playlists and the official soundtracks.

Sharing your musical match

Spotify has made it easier for fans of the Star Wars universe to discover music that they’ll like. The service has added a new feature called “Mix,” which allows you to choose up to 10 artists and create a unique playlist for you. You can also take a quiz to see what kind of Star Wars character you’re most like.

In addition to creating a personalized playlist for yourself, Spotify now lets you choose which Star Wars characters you’d like to listen to. For example, Rey listens to Demi Lovato, Han Solo listens to Jimi Hendrix and BB-8 jams to 80s hair metal bands.

Another new feature is Spotify’s “Taste Matches” feature, which matches music tastes with Star Wars characters. Whether you’re listening to music from the latest Star Wars movie or are just exploring new genres, you’ll get a card that shows which songs you share in common with each character. These cards can be shared on social media. If you’re a fan of the Star Wars movies, you’ll also be able to find more music inspired by the movies and series through Spotify’s updated Disney Hub. This includes the “Best of” playlist.

In addition to its music recommendation engine, Spotify has partnered with Disney to launch its own Star Wars-themed app, called “Star Wars Match.” The new Star Wars app analyzes your listening habits and matches you with a character based on your musical tastes. It can then suggest similar songs to yours that you might enjoy.

Spotify believes music unites people. This means that Star Wars-themed playlists are increasingly popular on the streaming service. Users can even create playlists based on Yoda, the Mandalorian, and Darth Vader. With over one million users streaming their favorite Star Wars songs, the platform is becoming a valuable tool for fans of the movies.

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