The Compass Rose is a powerful new shotgun in Destiny 2. The new weapon is a dedicated close-range weapon and a god roll contender in any activity. To unlock the weapon, players must have the first three achievements in the game. This guide will walk you through those tasks.=

Compass Rose is a shotgun in Destiny 2

The Compass Rose is a new shotgun in Destiny 2. It is an exclusive weapon that is available only during the Solstice event. This weapon has great perk options and an awesome new Basic Origin Trait called Dream Work. When equipped with Dream Work, your shotgun will always have a partial overflow magazine after reloads and assisted final blows. It is a great weapon for solo players or teams who want to be able to take down enemies.

The Compass Rose is a great weapon for PvP. It can take down Champions and bosses. Another cool feature of the Compass Rose is Incandescent, which transforms a single shotgun blast into a burst of fire. However, this perk can be a little difficult to get if you’re not familiar with how to use it.

While the Compass Rose is a great shotgun for PvP, it’s not the best weapon for AD-clearing enemies. Its range and damage are excellent for PvP, but it has some limitations. It has a very high maximum damage rate, but does less damage than Lightweight and Aggressive Frame Shotguns. It’s also slow to reload, so it’s not the best weapon for solo play, though it still performs well in PvP.

One of the best weapon categories in Destiny 2 is shotguns. Not only can you kill your targets from a long distance, but shotguns have a lot of unique stats and perk combinations. The right perk combination can make the difference between a subpar Special weapon and a game-changing weapon.

It has a few perk combinations that make it a contender in any activity

The Compass Rose is one of the few perks in Destiny 2 that can boost Range. It is great for taking down Champions and bosses. Its other perks include Assault Mag and Snapshot Sights. This gun can be very useful for ADSing Shotguns.

The Compass Rose shotgun is one such weapon. It can do ten to twenty percent more damage than the standard shotgun. It is also a Solar weapon, which means that it deals more damage than other weapons. With the addition of Full Choke and Lead From Gold, you will find that the Compass Rose is an excellent choice for PvE. It also has Incandescence, which allows you to apply up to 30 stacks of Scorch.

Another perk combination that makes the Compass Rose an excellent choice is Incandescent. The shotgun’s ability to kill is very strong in PvP. In addition, the Compass Rose has a chance to drop in the Bonfire Bash, a seasonal activity in Destiny 2. However, you’ll need to participate in the event multiple times for this perk to be available.

Compass Rose is a new event-specific weapon in Destiny 2. You can get it at the end of each activity if you light a bonfire. But this shotgun is much more useful for PvE than PvP. It has perks that make it a viable option for any activity.

It is a dedicated close-range weapon in Crucible

The Compass Rose is a close-range weapon in Destiny 2. It deals between 10% and 25% more damage than other close-range weapons in the game. It is an excellent choice for players who want to take advantage of the close-range role within the game. The Compass Rose also features Snapshot Sights which make switching from primary to ADS a snap.

The Compass Rose was introduced in the Solstice 2021 event and has been a hit in the Crucible ever since. The weapon deals Solar damage and is highly effective in close-range fights. It can be paired with the Incandescent perk, which is an essential staple of any Solar 3.0 build. It also spreads scorch after killing a target, which makes it useful in tight spaces.

The Compass Rose is Destiny 2’s newest dedicated close-range weapon. It is a highly versatile weapon that can kill many enemies in a single shot. It is also great at annihilating bosses. You can also use it in PvE, where it is a great close-range weapon for clearing mobs.

It has a few god roll options

The Compass Rose is an awesome weapon to use when you need to take down Champions and bosses. Its close-range capability makes it great for rooms and lanes that are difficult to reach. Compass Rose also comes with some good god roll options, including the Vorpal Weapon, which transforms a single shotgun blast into a burst of fire.

You can choose from three god roll options for the Compass Rose. These three options can help you gain more range. If you want to maximize your aiming power, choose Accurized Rounds, or Snapshot Sights. If you’re playing mostly in PvE, you may want to choose Surplus or Lead From Gold. Both of these perks increase your ammo reserves, and will help you reload quickly while crouched.

The Compass Rose is a 65 RPM Precision Frame Solar shotgun that comes with some interesting PvP and PvE traits. In addition to the Incandescent perk, the Compass Rose comes with the new Basic Origin trait Dream Work. Dream Work will increase your chance of a successful kill with this weapon by 20%, as long as you have an overflowing magazine. You can also use Dream Work with the Compass Rose for additional damage from your weapon.

The Compass Rose’s range is one of its strongest points. However, her handling is sub-par, making her less suited to fast-switching than her counterpart, the Riiswalker. Fortunately, Compass Rose’s god roll options are varied enough to address her issues, but she is still a decent option for PvP.

It has a high damage output

The Compass Rose is a shotgun that can deal a high damage output. With Full Choke and Lead from Gold, it can deal a higher percentage of damage in PvE. Incandescence, a new ability that adds thirty stacks of Scorch, can increase damage output even more.

This weapon is great for bosses and Champions. The Incandescent perk makes it fun to play. It turns one shotgun blast into a burst of fire. There are many different ways to build this shotgun, and each one has its own benefits.

The Compass Rose has high damage output compared to most other shotguns. It can deal up to three times the damage of a melee weapon. It has good damage output and range. However, it’s not the best option for PvE. In PvP, you can use a shotgun with Incandescent.

The Compass Rose is one of the best shotguns in Destiny 2 and is one of the best PvP weapons. It can be found as a Legendary during the Solstice of Heroes event and offers great damage output and good perk potential. The Compass Rose has several perks, making it worth the time and effort to farm for.

It has good stability

If you’re looking for a shotgun with good stability, the Compass Rose is a good choice. With its Solar damage, it can deal up to 10% more damage than a standard shotgun. With Full Choke, you can tighten the barrel, and you’ll also get a good amount of damage per shot. You can also pick up Incandescent, which gives you 30 stacks of Scorch.

The Compass Rose is a good all-around shotgun that’s good for both PvE and PvP. It is highly versatile and feels solid in your hands. You can also get a static rolled version from Eva Levante, and further static rolled ones from Solstice Packages.

The Compass Rose is a good choice for players looking to build a high-level PvP character. It fires at a 65-rpm rate and has a good range. There are several different perks available, including a Light Mag or Assault Mag for higher stability. In addition to these, the Compass Rose also offers a good starting range. Its damage is also slightly lower than an Aggressive Shotgun, but it does more than a Lightweight Shotgun.

The Compass Rose’s range is one of its strongest points. However, her handling is mediocre. It also lacks the quick-switch response that a Riiswalker has. You can use barrel perks on the Compass Rose to alleviate the range issues and increase her overall damage. However, you must ensure that these barrel perks won’t negatively affect her stats. Smallbore and Corkscrew Rifling can both help you with the range, but you should keep an eye on the stats as well.

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